Borough Civil Service Commission
Vacant, Chair
Connie Lombardozzi*, Secretary
Karlynn Bernhard

Borough Planning Commission
Vacant, Chair
Dorothy Hadlock, Vice-Chair
Amy Murdock
Paul Pitonyak Jr.
Cheryl Petrone
Fred Petrini

Borough Recycling Action Committee
William Crotty*, Chair
Edward Noyer
Norma Renshaw
Terry St.Denny*
William Wittenberg*

Borough Code Enforcement Appeals Board
Guy Lombardozzi*
William Wittenberg
Position vacant

Borough IPMC Appeals Board
Tom Montagna, Chair
Robert Himes, Member
Ron Smith, Member
Steve Lewis, Alternate
Tim Lewis, Alternate
Joseph Yochim, Solicitor

Borough UCC Appeals Board
ECATO UCC Appeals Board

Borough Zoning Hearing Board
Greg Burrows, Member
Steven Lloyd, Member
William Wittenberg, Member
Donny Hill, Alternate
Vacant, Solicitor

East Erie County Emergency Communications Center (EECECC)
Primary – Guy Lombardozzi*
Alternate – Vacant

East Erie Suburban Recreation and Conservation Authority (EESRCA) a/k/a Tri-Community Pools

Robert Cadden
Position Vacant
Position Vacant

Erie Area Council of Governments (COG)
Primary – Guy Lombardozzi*
Alternates – All Members of Council & Mayor*

Erie County Planning Commission
Primary – Vacant
Alternate – Guy Lombardozzi*

Erie Metropolitan Sewer Task Force
Primary – Fredrick Petrini*
Alternate – Terry St.Denny*

Erie Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
Primary – Vacant
1st Alternate – Terry St.Denny*
2nd Alternate – Guy Lombardozzi*

Erie County Association of Boroughs
Primary – Vacant
Alternate – Terry St.Denny*

PA State Association of Boroughs (voting delegate)
Guy Lombardozzi*

* Denotes a member of Borough Council or Employee

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