2020 Clean Up Days: There will be three (3) monthly free Clean Up Days for residents and landlords from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at the Borough Recycling Center located at the eastern end of Woodlawn Avenue. Clean Up Days will be held on April 18th, June 27th, and August 15th, 2020. Clean Up Days are made available for residents to responsibly dispose of larger items like furniture and mattresses free of charge.  PHOTO ID REQUIRED.

Please note, as per the Garbage Ordinance, the removal of solid waste, from curbside or at the Recycling Center (example: Clean Up Days) is for HOUSEHOLD waste only. As per section 20-105 #5 of the Solid Waste Section Chapter 20 of the Wesleyville Borough Ordinance Book.

The following items are prohibited at the Recycling Center at all times and the Borough will NOT ACCEPT: hazardous waste-paint, chemicals, pesticides, motor oil, antifreeze, flammable liquids, asphalt shingles, tar paper, asbestos containing materials, batteries, mercury containing items, ammunition, smoke detectors, computer towers, printers, medical waste, or radioactive material.

Please Contact the Erie County Recycling Program at 1-866-815-0016 to properly and responsibly dispose of these items.

ALL building materials are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: roofing material, shingles, tar paper; windows, siding, flooring materials, tiles, carpeting; doors, lumber, heating/cooling equipment, plumbing materials, drywall.

Single-Stream Recycling: As a reminder, the Borough has changed to “single-stream” recycling program which does not require separation of recyclables. Contact the Borough Office at 899-9124 ext. 35 or streets@wesleyvilleborough.com with questions or for more information.

Televisions and Computers Monitors: Effective January, 2020, televisions, computers and other peripheral equipment cannot be placed in the trash. By law it must be recycled. Residents can dispose of televisions and computer monitors at Clean Up Days for a small fee. Televisions and monitors under 25” will cost $10.00 each to dispose of and $20.00 each for larger ones. Please call (814)899-9124 x21 for large item pick up pricing.  Please do not take these items to the Borough Hall or put the items curbside. Please Contact the Erie County Recycling Program at 866-815-0016 to properly and responsibly dispose of these items if you cannot take them to the Clean Up Days collection. The Borough is unable to take any TV or computer screens that are cracked.

Dispose of Cell Phones, Laptop Computers, Tablets, MP3 Players, and new or used printer cartridges at Clean Up Days or at the Borough Hall during business hours free of charge.

Goodwill now accepts computers for FREE at 2 locations!
WHAT:         FREE Computer Equipment Recycling to Erie County Residents
WHERE:       Any Erie Goodwill Donation Center:  Nagle Road in Harborcreek, Summit Towne Center, West 26th Street.
WHY:          Donating 1 working computer equates to 6.8 hours of job training for a local Goodwill program participant while also helping limit landfill waste.
NOTE:         Consumers are asked to remove any personal data from hard drives and other storage media before donating to Goodwill.
Contact:      Kevin Seeker with Engel O’Neill, 814-218-0202, kevins@engeloneill.com

Help Keep the Recycling Center Clean While there are surveillance cameras at the Recycling Center, if you witness illegal dumping please report it to the Borough Office at 899-9124 during normal business hours (M-F 9:00 a.m.- 4:00pm) or to the Police Department at 814-899-0681 after hours.

Per Wesleyville Borough Municipal Code, Chapter 20, Solid Waste, Part 1, Garbage & Refuse, § 20-106, Rates, if the combined total of sewer/garbage payment is made prior to the first quarter due date, a 5%, discount will be credited.  Erie Water Works asks residents to note on the payment stub for the discount to be applied.  Any questions, feel free to call Erie Water Works at 814-870-8000.

Wesleyville BoroughWesleyville Borough Waste and Recycling Collection Policy:

  • Each residential unit is allowed to place up to a total of 4 bags or cans or any combination thereof, each weighing no more than 50 pounds, at curbside each week.
  • Multiple bags inside a can or larger bag count as 1 unit, but if placed separately, a grocery bag counts the same as a large lawn & leaf bag (4 tiny bags count as 4 bags).
  • Building materials, including but not limited to felt paper and shingles, flammable and toxic liquids, radioactive materials and other hazardous materials cannot be placed with municipal trash.
  • Any item contaminated with chemotherapy drugs or radioactive material cannot be placed in the regular garbage.
  • Large items such as couches, mattresses, tires, etc. can be picked-up for an extra fee. Please refer to the fee schedule or contact the Public Works supervisor (814-899-9124 ext. 35).
  • Recycling is collected curbside every other Thursday; this includes aluminum, steel, iron & tin cans, plastics #1 & #2 ONLY, cardboard, bundled newspaper, printer paper, copier paper, shredded paper, office paper without wax liners, NON window envelopes (carefully peel window off to recycle), and fiber-board, such as cereal boxes, paper towel cores or similar. Items must be placed in free Borough provided recycling bins or dump-able containers.  Call 814-899-9124 ext. 22 for recycling bin delivery. Borough provided recycling bins are the property of the Borough and must remain at the property upon transfer.  NO plastic bags will be accepted.
  • All recyclable items previously listed can be taken to the Recycling Center at your convenience.
  • Effective January, 2020, we cannot accept televisions, computers and peripheral equipment in the trash. These items must be recycled by state law.
  • Leaves and grass clippings must be placed curbside in hard containers for spring and summer pick up. The Borough collects leaves and grass, weather permitting.
  • In the fall, the Borough collects leaves placed onto the area between the street and sidewalk, or just off the road in areas without sidewalks. Spring leaf pickup is done only for leaves placed in hard containers – we do not use our vacuum in the spring.
  • Any collection days listed above start at 6:00 am – items should be put out the night before (but not more than 16 hours before). In most cases, when the collection day falls on a holiday collections are made the following business day.